Email: Setting Up Email Forwarding

Mail Forwarding allows you to forward incoming mail to other existing email addresses. In this doc, we’ll cover the process of setting up mail forwarding.

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Set up Mail Forwarding

  • Log in to your Webmail account, and click on Settings in the sidebar menu.
  • Click Mail Forwarding.
  • Click on the Enabled toggle to turn on forwarding.
  • Enable “Keep Local Copy” if you would like to store a copy of the forwarded email in your mailbox.
  • Forwarding Recipients: Enter the email address which you’d like your emails to be forwarded to.

Note: You can add multiple email address in the Forwarding Recipients field by hitting Enter after typing in another email per line.

  • Click Save when you’re finished. Emails will then be forwarded to your forwarding recipients.

Did you know?

You can also setup your custom email to send and receive from Gmail. Read how to set this view our documentation on  using Gmail.