Email: Storage and Attachment Size Limits

Your email account has limits for storage and the size of emails you can send. In this document we’ll discuss the limits and how they relate to sending email messages.

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Storage Capacity

Mailboxes have a storage capacity of 5GB. This storage is available per mailbox. If your domain has 5 active mailboxes, there will be 25GB of total storage with a maximum of 5GB available per mailbox.

Email Message Size Limits

The maximum size for messages (text + attachments) is technically 35MB. However, when files are sent over the internet, they are encoded. Encoded file sizes are increased up to 25%. Therefore, we recommend that attachments do not exceed 25MB total.

If you need to send larger files, we suggest using the Files feature in your webmail. Access this feature in the side menu of your webmail. To learn more about Files, click the Help button in the webmail sidebar.